• Hani Damayanti Aprilia Universitas Lampung
  • Mediya Destalia Universitas Lampung
  • Ida Vivi Pusvitha Universitas Lampung
Keywords: file transfer protocol, digital administration


Archive is not only a collection o f papers and documents, but also a source o f important data and information which will support the company's operational activities. Managing archives is easy to do. Most o f the files are kept in a crowded and uncluttered room and managed by old yet low skill employees. However, that kind o f point view has changed. Nowadays, archives are stored more neatly and orderly, and even many companies have implemented electronic archieves through the file protocol transfer (FTP) application as a form o f efficiency. One o f the companies which implements the FTP application is PT PLN (Persero) Lampung Distribution. Thus, this study was conducted by using observation techniques, interviews, documentation, and literature study. The data analysis used was an interactive data analysis model developed by Miles & Huberman. The results show that the storage and distribution o f archives by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application is very effective and efficient because it does not need too much time and effort to obtain these documents from the far away area or rayon. In addition, i f there is a failure in transferring information on the network, the file can be re-sent without re-running the application.